The only cyber security system for easy IMO compliance

24/7 protection

Complete onboard privacy: no other cyber security system keeps your yacht monitored and protected around the clock.

Uncompromised safety

Real-time display of all IT and OT systems on board, putting the safety of guests, crew and yacht first.

IMO compliant

The only cyber security system designed to deliver automated regulatory reports to ensure total IMO compliance.

Cyber security today

As bandwidth increases and sophisticated onboard IT and OT systems grow in complexity, the risk of cyber attacks at sea is on the rise. With more than $900 billion in global losses reported annually due to cybercrime, the need for evolved cyber security on yachts has never been greater.

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Cydome by YachtCloud

Cydome is a unique cyber security system designed to deliver complete cyber protection at sea. Already active within 30+ commercial shipping fleets, Cydome’s proven technology delivers direct insight into all IT and OT systems on board.

As IMO regulations increasingly address the importance of comprehensive cyber security systems for yachts, Cydome offers a future-proof package for ultimate security and total peace of mind.

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Cyber protection at sea

Featuring automated mapping and vulnerabilities scanning, real-time display of onboard cyber security status and an active defence system, Cydome seamlessly protects every critical system onboard your yacht. Instant detection of security breaches, eliminating risk to your sensitive data and protecting against malware or ransomware attacks. Better yet, Cydome’s automated regulatory reports make adherence to the developing cyber chapter within the IMO safety management code as efficient as possible.

Easy IMO compliance

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) safety management code has included a cyber chapter which mandates the implementation of several layers of protection – to be implemented no later than January 2021 for all commercial yachts and ships over 500GT.

The IMO regulation is part of much a larger group of guidance and standards such as BIMCO, CLIA, ICS, OCIMF; ISO/IEC 27001 Standard on Information Technology; and United States NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security.

Cyber Security for yachts

Easily integrated with existing systems and software, Cydome is built to provide the level of cyber protection demanded onboard luxury yachts today, tomorrow and in the future.

• Cyber Security Monitoring
● Asset Mapping
● Asset Anomaly detection
● Fleet & Vessel SIEM
● Attack Simulation & Vulnerability Scanning
● Regulation Compliance Module
● Reporting

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“Cydome application gives our customers an easy way to monitor their cybersecurity onboard, protect their vessels from current and evolving threats, and comply with regulations.”

Marco Cristoforo Camporeale, Head of Maritime Digital, Inmarsat

“With Cydome, I was able to easily organise and improve my fleet’s cybersecurity, supported by a team of great people.”

Ben Benny, CEO, M.Danchor Offshore

Discover Cydome. The only cyber security system for superyachts.

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