BLOG: Inside YachtCloud: 5 questions with Marco Vogelaar

YachtCloud is a luxury technology company dedicated to innovation, unbeatable end-user experience and seven-star customer service. Behind the groundbreaking products and seamless service is a team of more than 30 talented professionals, each as passionate about their career in luxury tech as the next.

Here we catch up with Marco Vogelaar, Support and Deployment specialist at YachtCloud, to hear about his experience working with the number one luxury technology company in the Netherlands and why working in the world of high-end tech has never been so exciting. 

5 questions with YachtCloud’s Marco Vogelaar

Tell us about yourself and your journey to YachtCloud.

My name is Marco, I’m 28 years old, and I’ve been working at YachtCloud for more than four years now. I started my career at YachtCloud in the technical IT team, but it wasn’t long before I realised that I missed contact with the customers a lot. From there, I started to get more and more involved with the YachtCloud support side. Today, I am a support and deployment specialist. Within this role, I have been working on new YachtCloud projects for the past year and a half. I’m basically responsible for getting the correct hardware, installing and configuring the project, and providing the fantastic support that YachtCloud is known for. 

Describe a typical week in your role.

Generally, my week at YachtCloud starts with meetings and planning. It’s always important to set priorities. Which projects are running, which support cases are still open or is anything new coming up? It isn’t easy to describe a typical week working at a luxury technology company, as every week is different! That kind of diversity in the day-to-day of the job is typical within this field. 

What is the most important aspect of your job? 

To make the customer happy, of course! That is the most important for the customer, but for me as well. I get my energy from making customers happy and giving them the best experience – it’s very motivating. Next to that, it is really nice to provide customers with their own wishes. We have so many options in our products to provide the best solutions for every situation/project. 

What do you enjoy about being in the YachtCloud team?

We have a very fresh and open team at YachtCloud. There is always room for a little chat about any issues or ideas, and everyone works together incredibly well. In fact, I think that great teamwork is probably the most important quality of the YachtCloud team. If there are ever any urgent projects or complex cases, everyone is happy to assist or give their opinion. This is so vital to not only getting the job done but also being able to provide the best support to the client.

What makes working in the luxury technology business exciting right now?

One of the most exciting things about working in the luxury technology sector is that you are always working with the newest technology and hardware. This enables us to deliver the best of the best for every customer. At YachtCloud, our products are designed for use in the world’s most luxurious environments – from 100-metre superyachts to private residences. That’s another thing that makes working for YachtCloud exciting. Being able to see these super luxurious environments close up is fascinating. Unfortunately, the past year has put a hold on seeing a lot of these projects up close. But I hope that it will be possible soon enough when the world can safely open up again! 

Working with YachtCloud

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