BLOG: Inside YachtCloud: 5 questions with Rafal

YachtCloud is a luxury tech company dedicated to creating unbeatable end-user experiences through groundbreaking innovation. Behind the boundary-pushing products and superior service is a team of more than 30 skilled professionals in the Netherlands and worldwide. Each is as passionate about their luxury technology job as the next. 

Here we sit down with YachtCloud’s Senior Developer, Rafal to hear about his experience working with one of the top luxury technology company’s in Holland and why working in the luxury tech business is always exciting.

Technology job: 5 questions with YachtCloud’s Rafal

Tell us about yourself and your technology career path.

I’m a senior developer at YachtCloud, and I guess I’m one of the longest-working parts of the YachtCloud team! I started way back in 2014 when YachtCloud was founded. They had just begun to look for a team able to build a completely new app. The aim was to redefine the standards of AV/IT integration and media control. The result was the game-changing luxury media and control system, OMNIYON.

As the lead developer for OMNIYON, I was involved in the process from the early days. I had the opportunity to design and create the architecture for the app and lay the foundations for the next steps we took. My main focus today is delivering all the stakeholders’ demands and maintaining the highest coding standards possible.

Describe a typical week in your job as Senior Developer.

There are weeks when we’re quietly delivering our roadmap features, sitting in our office in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, and diving into lines of code. But there are also hot periods when FATs or HATs are happening. In those times, we’re working hard to deliver a rock-solid stable release able to meet all protocol requirements. Though we are located throughout Europe, we spend a good deal of time communicating within the team. We’re always discussing technical challenges and finding creative ways to improve the products together. I’m in constant contact with stakeholders and our integrators. They provide valuable feedback and throw in suggestions for the YachtCloud lineup that we might not think of.

What are the best parts of your technology job at YachtCloud? 

Working with world-class technologies and a truly dedicated team makes this job so satisfying. This job also allows me to grow my professional skills and broaden my horizons, which is also genuinely gratifying. We all at YachtCloud feel and see that the product we deliver is a mix of innovation and elegance. Getting to see the biggest and most luxurious vessels in the world afloat and knowing our software is used onboard makes me feel really proud of what we do.

What do you enjoy about being in the YachtCloud team?

Even though we’re (mostly) developers, every single team member is contributing in a slightly different fashion. We have covered most – if not all – mainstream programming languages, app virtualising techniques, and many more interesting topics. Even the last year and the challenges of 2020 wasn’t able to stop us from constantly delivering top-notch solutions, just like the years before.

Why is working in the luxury technology business so exciting?

For me, it’s the feeling that we must deliver at 101% every single time – and there’s no place for cutting corners. It’s about knowing that quality must be an absolute priority and that user experience is the crucial aspect. Besides all that, we’re able to work with the latest and most innovative hardware solutions on the market, which I wouldn’t even know existed before joining the team. Working in luxury tech also changed my opinion on what a luxury superyacht’ stands for. It’s a whole different industry level, with exceptionally high client expectations and technical challenges combined with a very dedicated team. That’s really what makes this work so exciting!

Does joining Rafal and the team at YachtCloud for a career in developing innovative luxury technology interest you ? Browse our technology job vacancies to see our current openings. Don’t see an open position that suits you? Get in touch with the YachtCloud team with your resume and short motivation letter to be considered for new jobs in the future.