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PRESS RELEASE: YachtCloud announces new sales partnership with TIG

TIG (Technological Innovations Group) today announced a new partnership with Dutch luxury AV and IT system product developer, YachtCloud. TIG is a driving force for sales excellence in the AV/IT technology industry and this partnership marks a third strategic collaboration for the company which was founded in February of this year, after rebranding from Crestron EMEA. “YachtCloud is proud to announce that as of today, Technological Innovations Group (TIG) will represent all YachtCloud products in the EMEA region. 

In line with TIG’s company vision, they will lead the way in educating the industry about technological developments which will transform the way in which we live and work. With the TIG network of 2500 integrators, 11 offices across the EMEA region and 120 staff, YachtCloud can develop further towards a strong and sustainable future.” Arjan Kleinveld, Managing Partner at YachtCloud. 

YachtCloud perfectly complements TIG’s existing brand portfolio. To launch the partnership TIG will be selling GEST – YachtCloud’s stylish and customisable steward call button. Easily enabled with a wifi connection, GEST is location-aware, intuitive and includes a two-way communication feature to provide a high-end guest service on yachts, in luxury hotel suites, high-end meeting spaces etc. Standard or priority calls are differentiated by touching the call button for two or five seconds and the subtle light and sound features indicate the status of each call, seamlessly informing the user that service will arrive shortly. TIG will be adding YachtCloud’s OMNIYON onboard media content service to its portfolio in the near future.

 “At TIG, we already hold a strong background in marine and hospitality technology, working for many years with Crestron to specify bespoke AV integrations for world-leading superyachts and luxury hotels. YachtCloud brings a new dimension of service to our offering, with high-end solutions that take the guest experience to a new level of luxury. Clients don’t need to look any further than TIG and can rest assured they are in expert hands from start to finish.” Robin van Meeuwen, President and CEO, TIG. 

Currently, TIG is the exclusive EMEA sales agency for commercial and residential integrated technology powerhouse Crestron. In February, TIG also announced a sales partnership with unified communication and collaboration expert for the enterprise, Oblong Industries. This new partnership with YachtCloud will expand TIG’s sales growth further within the marine and hospitality industries. To stay up to date with the latest news from TIG visit www.tig.eu or connect via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.