PRESS RELEASE: YachtCloud launches new free to download CrewBoard App

YachtCloud, technology and media-hosting specialists for the superyacht and yachting industries have launched a ‘free to download’ app for CrewBoard, a digital presence record system enabling Crew to sign in and out of the yacht digitally. This digital age equivalent to the onboard whiteboard provides quick, easy and mobile access to an overview of which personnel are on board.

With its graphically appealing interface and intuitive management system, adding new crew members, groups, subcontractors and day workers and accessing advanced features is simple and self-explanatory. Profile photos can be selected or taken directly via the device’s in-built camera and uploaded.  The iOS application can be used on a mobile device or a touch screen located, for example, near to any exit on board, and crew members can then sign in or out by simply manually swiping to indicate their presence. Additional features can be added in the form of in-app purchases to extend the app’s functionality.  These include User Plans to increase the number of users and Info Pages to provide location-specific information whereby useful contact details for local authorities, medical and yacht services plus restaurants and nearby places of interest can be incorporated making the app a practical tool and resource for the crew.

The CrewBoard App, available to download from the App Store, works as a stand-alone solution on one device or can be used across multiple devices with automatic synchronization when combined with CrewBoard software installed on a local or hosted server. The addition of the CrewBoard server enables increased functionality and features which can be displayed and managed via both the app and the web page. The webpage version can be used on various sized (touch) screens and can also be used to instantly export a list of actual persons on/off-board at any given moment, for example, in case of emergency or to review and filter historical presence and attendance data. It is also possible to synchronise CrewBoard within the cloud to provide a read-only, secure CrewBoard web page wherever you are, a feature which is ideal for fleets and management companies. With the server version, integration with onboard security systems is also possible enabling automatic sign-in and out as the crew enter or leave the yacht using key fobs or swipe cards for example.

We are delighted that the CrewBoard App is now available to download from the App Store. It makes the product more accessible to a greater number of yachts and crew across a broader spectrum. The product is designed to be as simple, secure and reliable as the original whiteboard has been for all those years but in a format that is more in line with today’s technology and needs of the crew. The app itself provides a great solution for smaller vessels or even land-based businesses and the extended features available in combination with the CrewBoard server turn a simple app into a useful onboard tool and management system”,  comments Andre Klepper, YachtCloud Founder.