BLOG: Inside YachtCloud: 5 questions with Wouter Rijken

YachtCloud is a luxury technology company dedicated to innovation, unbeatable end-user experience and seven-star customer service. Behind the groundbreaking products and seamless service is a team of more than 30 talented professionals, each as passionate about their career in luxury tech as the next. 

Here we catch up with Wouter Rijken at YachtCloud’s Head of Projects to hear about his experience working with the number one luxury technology company in the Netherlands and why working in the world of high-end tech is always exciting. 

5 questions with YachtCloud’s Wouter Rijken

Tell us about yourself and your journey to YachtCloud.

I joined the company around three years ago. Head of Projects is a critical position between sales, delivery and aftersales, and also incorporates the development of YachtCloud’s products. My main focus is on delivering our products within our projects, but my role is very diverse!

Describe a typical week as Head of Projects.

There will be some weeks where my days are filled with meeting multiple clients and weeks hands-on challenging projects. We work in a highly internationally-focused market, and that means our team is just as global. The YachtCloud developers work in different countries where each has their specific areas of focus within our products. When I need to be focused on development works, I remain in close contact with our developers remotely and on-site. All while remaining synced with stakeholders of various projects. 

What’s the most satisfying element of your job? 

Working with the latest technology and being in close contact with end-users, integrators and developers is definitely the most satisfying part of my role. It’s a unique position. While contributing to all aspects of projects, I hear feedback from end-users and the most specialist professionals in every part of their expertise. Taking all this excellent feedback and pouring it straight into our products’ development is the key aspect of my job. It all contributes to the innovative product line-up that YachtCloud is known for.  

What do you enjoy about being in the YachtCloud team?

We work in a highly motivated team, where everyone plays a significant part in the performance of YachtCloud’s systems. Every day I am inspired to work in a team where every individual believes that details and dedication lead to truly unique products.  

What makes working in the luxury technology business exciting right now?

Before joining YachtCloud, I worked as a software QA consultant. Software evolves at an astonishing rate. The most challenging aspect of that is keeping up with demand to deliver high-standard technology projects. It’s no different when it comes to the luxury market that YachtCloud specialises in. Here, the focus is delivering innovative technology and meeting the extremely high standards of our clients. 

Working in luxury technology combines advanced technology and the high expectations of luxury environments. This combination gives us the opportunity to impress every stakeholder and user by simplifying how integrators and end-users interact with this advanced technology in a smooth, simple and fast user experience on prestigious projects. It’s exciting stuff! 

Are you interested in joining Wouter and the team at YachtCloud for a next-level career in luxury technology? Browse our luxury technology job vacancies to see our current openings. Don’t see an open position that suits you? Get in touch with the YachtCloud team with your resume and short motivation letter to be considered for new positions in the future.