MediaMatch now available for Creston

Are you, like many others, struggling your way through the jungle of today’s media services? The current, fragmented media offering of many services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime don’t contribute to a refined user experience. In modern times like these, you expect your favorite movie or most-beloved song to only be one search away…

Browse & search all media sources at once

MediaMatch enables the browsing of all media sources, eliminating the need to switch between different apps. Whether it’s your private library or a streaming service like Tidal, Kaleidescape or Disney+, MediaMatch enriches the user experience in one go by searching all media sources at once. Intuitive and easy, instantly showcasing the preferred content you were looking for. Turning on your dearest tune or television series has never been more satisfying.

Creston integration

Making things even more easy, MediaMatch can now be easily integrated into every existing Crestron home automation system. Making it possible to search for new releases and browse through all media libraries. You can even search for specific genres or actors, regardless of the media platform. A significant experience upgrade, taking your home entertainment to the next level.

Discover all possibilities

Want to learn more about MediaMatch? Or would you like to integrate MediaMatch within your current Crestron system? Please give us a call ( +31 10 820 0252 ) or get in touch by sending us an email ( [email protected] ).