IN THE MEDIA: OnboardOnline on VesselWatch Meets GEST

YachtCloud’s luxury service call system GEST is now a proud partner of Vesselwatch. Here, OnboardOnline speaks with YachtCloud’s Nikusia Kooijmans in October 2020 to take a closer look at YachtCloud’s latest collaboration with Net-Logic Marine. YachtCloud is proud to reveal: Vesselwatch meets GEST.

Vesselwatch meets GEST

The superyacht experience is known for incorporating the best of the best but, more often than not, the technology on board does not compare to the solutions available ashore. From outdated media and control systems to sluggish software that lacks superyacht-standard efficiency, the technical details can be overlooked, negatively impacting a largely invisible but significant part of daily life aboard. Demand is high for evolved, superyacht-specific solutions that are as modern and stylish as they are intuitive to use. Net-Logic Marine and YachtCloud’s latest technical collaboration is paving the way to answer that demand.

The luxury marine communication specialists at Net-Logic Marine have made it their mission to supply innovative solutions when it comes to safety in the marine business. The multi-functional safety and communications system, VesselWatch by Globalview Systems, is a fantastic case in point. Expanding the capabilities of a two-way radio system, since its launch in 2014, VesselWatch has evolved into one of the most essential pieces of equipment in the business.

Recently announcing their latest integration with the bespoke service call system GEST, the focus is now firmly placed on enhancing the guest experience through improved levels of service. “Many of those in the industry will already know VesselWatch,” says Globalview’s Development Manager, Matthew Johnston. “The main focus of VesselWatch is to provide safety, security and service solutions for crew and guests onboard – delivering the right information to the right crew member. Our hospitality service section is designed to enhance the guest’s experience. Always looking to improve our system, our latest integration is with YachtCloud’s GEST service call buttons.”

OnboardOnline, 29.10.2020

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